Humano Morphs

#05 - The Locked Room


Brittany is very suspicious of her new step-father. Her suspicious grow when she finds her way into a mysterious locked room, where a terrifying secret is revealed.


The Locked Room is one of the better mysteries in the series.

I really like the step-father character. He's creepy ... his outbursts and the way the mom reacts are really interesting. It's neat how the mistrust builds up with the mother but not enough to tip her over the edge until the end.

The mystery is built up really well. My favorite scenes involve the locked room ... I like the description of it and I like the big window in particular.

The brother-sister relationship is well-developed. I like how long you spend in Brittany's head. As always, the final revelation and the action scene at the end is well-written and intense.

The Locked Room is one of the highlights of the series. You should really check it out!

Interesting Info

  • The cover has a key in an old lock with a skeleton on it, blood dripping from the keyhole.
  • The background color is a lime-green. The shivers logo is yellow.
  • The dedication is to Christian.
  • The copyright date reads 1996.

Cover Image