Humano Morphs

#08 - Terror On Troll Mountain


It's along way from Chicago to a tiny village in the mountains of Italy. Paul makes that journey to visit his grandmother. He soon discovers a land of frightful beauty and superstition. He hears ancient stories about a demon troll that hides in the mountains and feeds on young children. Soon, Paul is drawn to the cliffs. There, lost and frightened, he comes face to face with the unspeakable horror.

Interesting Info

  • The dedication says "To M.B. without whom this book would not have been written."
  • The copyright date is 1996
  • The cover shows a terrified kid getting snatched by a giant troll hand. The sunset in the background is very surreal.
  • The background color and spine is black. The Shivers logo is a light, neon orange color.

Cover Image