Humano Morphs

#10 - The Curse of the New Kid


Lucas Lytle is used to being the new kid in school. He's twelve years old, and he's already been in eight different schools! When everybody from the bullies to the nerds pick on him, he feels like he's cursed. Suddenly, strange and horrible things start happening to his enemies. At first Lucas is confused by these happenings. Then he starts to enjoy it, and realizes he may wield a strange power ...

Interesting Info

  • The cover, which strikes me as similar to book #6 (probably because I got them at the same time and they share a Shivers logo color), shows a kid walking into a haunted school. The sky looks really cool.
  • The dedication reads "To J.,G., and the twins"
  • The background color is a pastel purple, and the Shivers logo is a dark, neon pink. If you lived through the ninetees you saw this color combination a lot!
  • The copyright date is 1996

Cover Image