Humano Morphs

#11 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


Michael Sturdevant is quiet and doesn't have many friends. Josh Jennings is the most popular kid in school. But yet, they're friends. Enter the decidedly strange Sturdevant family--especially Michael's creepy little sister, Gladys. Among other weird things, this family really enjoys dinner, maybe too much. But, when Josh's class teacher vanishes after a supper invitation from the Sturdevants, he gets the unappetizing feeling she was the main course. Now, would Josh be on the menu for the most ghoulish meal of the day?

Interesting Info

  • The copyright date reads 1996.
  • The dedication says "To Allen, who likes a good story"
  • The background color is blue, with neon green as the Shivers logo
  • The cover may be the scariest in the series. It has a scary woman coming through a door, and a kid ready to eat but looking like he's ready to lose his lunch instead. Great, great picture!

Cover Image