Humano Morphs

#12 - The Secret of Fern Island


The kids can't help but notice the strange boy fishing on the deserted island. Despite their parents' warning, they embark across a dangerous bridge and straight into danger. Despite the cursed lighthouse, the haunted record player, and the unearthly powers of the boy, the kids are determined to solve the mystery.


This is by far one of my favorite books Shivers books. The atmosphere is amazing and the mystery keeps you gripping the book. It starts out with great imagery ... the image of the boy alone on the island is both mysterious, scary, and very intrigueing. The backstory is pretty cool and you can't wait to decipher it.

I really liked the main characters. The dynamic between the kids is interesting, especially the younger ones versus the older ones. It made for great situations for Kenny to be the protector and bold leader, and there were plenty of places for the younger kids to show their attitude as well.

The record player is a very creepy addition, and one of the coolest things you'll find in the series. SWIM...YOU...CAN?

If you want excitement, check out the chase at the end. One of the best action scenes in the series.

I love how some of the books end with something more mysterious and creepy than the story that came before it. I hoped for a sequel ... there are probably more mysteries to be found on Fern Island.

There's even a moral in here, a common one among Shivers. Do as your parents tell you!

The bottom line is that The Secret of Fern Island quite honestly may be the best book in the series, at least in my opinion. I remember reading this as a kid and I was floored by it. If you know anyone in the target age that likes the genre, this book is one of the finest examples of it. They're sure to love it.

Interesting Info

  • The color is a lighter purple, with the shivers logo in black
  • The cover shows the lantern from the story, as well as the lighthouse. It's one of the most relevant covers in the series.
  • The dedication is to "Stephanie and Rebecca, my favorite little girls."
  • The copyright date is 1996
  • Writing/talking backwards (like the record player does) is generally portrayed as a sign of evil or the sign of the devil.

Cover Image