Humano Morphs

#13 - The Spider Kingdom


Follow this frightening fable of Freddy and his pal, Lumpy as they face the flesh-eating forces of giant spiders. But, it's their own fault! If only they hadn't killed all those little spiders. If only they had learned to appreciate those crawling creatures. It's too late now. They're trapped in the spider kingdom awaiting trial for their crimes. The mighty Spider King will be their judge. There's no way out, or is there? Will they find their fate as food fit for a king or will they weave a way out of this web?

Interesting Info

  • The background color is the light, neon orange used frequently in the series. The Shivers logo is black.
  • The copyright date is 1996.
  • The dedication is "to RSK, a Spencer in his own right"
  • The cover shows a kid caught in a giant web. A large spider is closing in on him.

Cover Image