Humano Morphs

#16 - The Beast Beneath the Boardwalk


The beautiful blue ocean turns into a monsoon of mayhem for Alec and his cousin Mary as they battle to stay alive. But, how did this happen? It was going to be such a great summer. The whole family planned to spend it at the shore. Plus, they would be helping Uncle Louie run his arcade on the amusement boardwalk. It couldn't get any better than that ... until a giant hurricane starts to roar against the shore. Then Alec and Mary find themselves alone with the wind and rain howling and the whole town and boardwalk deserted. But it goes form bad to life or death when the beast comes alive. A beast that wants to destroy everything and put Alex and Mary to rest. Buried under the boardwalk!

Interesting Info

  • The cover is a dark green, and the Shivers logo is neon green.
  • The copyright date is 1996.
  • The cover shows a hurricane brewing on the boardwalk, with green slime and a green glow coming from beneath the stairs. I really like the sky, clouds, and the tree.
  • The dedication is to Dierdre Killen.

Cover Image