Humano Morphs

#18 - Your Momma's A Werewolf


Iggy's mom has a great idea. A week of camping in the wild woods of Michigan. Iggy and his best friend, Mole, can't wait. They think it'll be trees and birds; hiking and hunting; fishing and swimming. But, those woods are dark and deep and deadly. Where bears fight; snakes strike; and a lone wolf's bite turns Mom into a monster. Can Iggy and Mole save themselves? Will they be able to get Mom to stop howling and back to being normal? No way!

Interesting Info

  • The cover is one of the most unique and artistic in the entire series. It shows a kid going insane under a moon that has a wolf face. The trees frame the picture. The reddish hue is magical.
  • The copyright date is 1996.
  • The dedication is "For Mom -- not a werewolf, but always an inspiration."
  • The background color on the cover is pink, and the Shivers logo is a darker, "hotter" pink.

Cover Image