Humano Morphs

#22 - Lost in Dreamland


Bill and Barbara are twins, so similar sometimes that they can almost read each others' mind. But it doesn't take psychic abilities to figure out that they're both stoked about being at Dreamland, the coolest theme park on the planet! A park that blends the terrifying, the mysterious, and the thrilling, Dreamland is every kid's dream come true!

But there's something odd going on. Seems like the kids keep narrowly avoiding death. Seems like the robots are a little too real. And seems like the kids are just one step away from slipping through the cracks and disappearing forever ...


Lost in Dreamland seems like it's on a grander scale than some of the other books in the series (Secret of Fern Island, for example, that takes place in a lighthouse on a quiet island). You've got a humongous theme park with thrilling rides, robots running around, a giant underground complex, a state of the art scientific facility, etc. And the kids uncover a secret and foil a plot that no doubt would be put down in history books for generations. Dark, mysterious tunnels again appear in the book. I have to say it's a situation I never get tired of ... there's nothing scarier than being lost in a dark, winding maze, frustration and claustrophobia choking out hope of survival. The names/themes of the rides are very creative. The author clearly had a good time coming up with them. Despite the constant danger, it sounds like the kind of place any kid, or adult that matter, would like to visit. I like how the kids work together. If you're going to pull through something like this, you have to work together. The kids have vibrant personalities and I enjoyed following them through the story and being privy to their thoughts.

Interesting Info

  • The dedication is to Bill and Jeanette.
  • The copyright date is 1996
  • The cover is olive-green, with yellow as the shivers logo
  • the cover features a girl and boy entering a giant skull to get into an amusement park. The lighting and shadow is really neat. Trees frame the drawing.
  • Dreamland is portrayed as a park in Orlando. The reader wonders whether it's just Disney World with a slight name change but they don't have to wonder long. The two co-exist.

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