Humano Morphs

#26 - One Foot in the Grave


Watch where you walk! Bubbie finds herself in a peaceful village in France. Her dad's job took the family there. What a chance for her to learn about another culture -- about another way of life. Buut what she learns more about is gloom. It all started that first day at their new house. Bubbie made friends with a french boy, Jean Luc. Jean Luc has a talent for language and for getting himself and Bubbie into trouble. School does not fit into their plans. They'd rather explore the French countryside. What they discover unleashes a phantom from the past way, and a tragic end to all.

Interesting Info

  • The cover is blue, and the Shivers logo is yellow.
  • The cover shows a gremlin of some kind bursting through doors.
  • The copyright date says 1997.
  • The dedication is "To John Patrick, Rachel, and Ian"

Cover Image