Humano Morphs

#27 - Camp Fear


Jane and her friends take the rocky road and soon learn that camping can be very hazardous to their health. Somewhere out in the wilderness, they join their class for a 3-day camping adventure. A most bizarre adventure into fear. Their camp was once part of a magnificent, mysterious estate. Now, all around the sound of crying can be heard. Beyond the camp is the real horror. There, deep under the land, is a forgotten mine. A class project takes the girls into the terrible tunnel below. Suddenly, they must face their fears, fight to stay alive, and figure out the true cost of friendship.

Interesting Info

  • The copyright date is 1997.
  • The dedication is to Lindsay Jane.
  • The cover is a bright, neon green. The Shivers logo is white.
  • The cover shows two skeletons walking what appears to be a mineshaft. Blood is around them. I find Eddie Rosebooms skeletons to be very interesting ... check out Madness at the Mall for another example of them!

Cover Image