Humano Morphs

#28 - Watch 'em Kill

It was all Phillip's fault. If he didn't love monsters ... everything ABOUT monsters ... it would've just been another quiet evening at home. But NO! He had to buy those Watch 'em Grow toys, those little sponges that when you add water, swell into spooky monster shapes. This time, Phillip buys the wrong toys. These toys turn into real monsters and they don't want to play. They want to tear down the house, eat the dog, wreck the neighborhood, watch TV with their feet on the furniture, and kill Phillip. It's all over but the screaming!


Interesting Info

  • The copyright date is 1997.
  • The background color is neon pink, and the Shivers logo is purple.
  • The dedication is "To Don, my loyal friend. Thanks for everything!"
  • The cover shows a monster with fearsome, bloody claws.

Cover Image