Humano Morphs

#30 - Creepy Clothes


Have you ever been sent far from home, all alone to a place you've never known? Where the wind wears phantom pants and very ugly ties? Well, that's just the spot Patricia and her brother Sam found themselves in one day. It was bad enough that they had to move to a strange city with their even stranger aunt, but when they find a trunk full of old clothes, they travel back to a time tailor-made for terror! It's a fashion flashback wrapped in a frightening mystery and nothing to wear but horrible hats, scary shirts, and terrible turtlenecks. Will they ever be able to look in the mirror again?

Interesting Info

  • The dedication is "To Miriam. Stay well."
  • The copyright date is 1997.
  • The cover is a light purple. The Shivers logo is black.
  • The cover shows a farmer couple. They're skeletons, of course. The sky is red and the trees are reaching for an old farm house. The sky has some cool stars. The couple will look somewhat familiar to people who like art!

Cover Image