Humano Morphs

#32 - Beware the Bog Girl


There's a tide of terror coming. Nobody knows the trouble Julie will see. Nobody knows her secret. A secret that lives deep in the swamp around Mossland Island. Could it be the slimy, smelly ghost of a girl lost 100 years ago? That island can keep a secret. But Julie who is spending the summer there with her dad has to find the answer. It's a matter of life or death! While Dad spends the days studying marine life, Julie searches the swap, desperately seeking the gross ghost. Then, in a tidal pool face to face with the drooling ghoul, all is revealed.

Interesting Info

  • The cover background is purple, and the Shivers logo is yellow.
  • The cover image is pretty cool. The bog girl is coming after you! I love her blood-red nails and facial expression.
  • The dedication reads: "For the real Julie; ever an adventurer."
  • The copyright date is 1997.

Cover Image