Humano Morphs

#34 - Weirdo Waldo's Wax Museum


Wax never forgets. Neither does Billy or his sister Crissy. Both of the kids will always remember that freaky family vacation. The one that almost scared them all to death. What should have been a terrific tour of Washington, DC turned into a terror-filled, run for your life race against wicked wax. All because Billy's dad is, how do you say it -- cheap! He never met a bargain he didn't like until this one. Why go all the way to the capital, when you can save money and wander through a wacky world of wax. One low price gets the whole family in -- only luck gets them out!!!

Interesting Info

  • The background color is neon orange, and the Shivers logo is black.
  • The cover image is really creepy. A wax head is melting, blood dripping out of an eye, and you can see a skull reflected in the pupils. The head is titled to a creepy angle.
  • The copyright date is 1997.
  • The dedication reads: "To Bill and Willie, two of the best people I know."

Cover Image