Humano Morphs

#35 - Terror on Tomahawk Island


A twisted tale of terror ... that's what's waiting for you there on that peaceful island. So quiet, so green. No, it's not -- the island is ugly and frightfully mean. Keep looking over your shoulder as you read about Wendy and her brother Sean and their battle against the noble ghosts of times past who haunt the island. With their mom and dad away for the day, they decide to explore, but no one must know; it's their secret. Once on the island, the daylight delights become darkness and doom. Hide and seek for real. Escape or the game is over and the island becomes your home -- permanently.

Interesting Info

  • The background color is hot pink, and the Shivers logo is neon green.
  • The front cover shows two kids in a shadowy canoe underneath a giant moon. An arrow or tomahawk of some kind is in the foreground.
  • The dedication is to "Wendy Viggiano".
  • The copyright date is 1997.

Cover Image